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Happy New Year! 
2016 is off to a roaring start with the Australia Open heating up. Meanwhile, the SUPERBOWL 50 is a week out as fans catch their breath. Shuuuck!

HOT on the trial guaranteeing nail biting moments is our own U.S. Olympic trials. Set in Los Angeles, Ca sunny backdrop fans watching the tube get to enjoy competitions most dramatic stage with their favored beverage. 

Bloggers we apologize for are turn around time. Technical snafus can occur. Working to bring your SPORTS BRAND PRODUCT recognition is an honor. 

Stay tune as we grow footwear licensing.

Mizott The Sports Brand Leader  
has experienced another exciting year of platform licensing due to our great fans and amazing affiliates. 

Thank you. 


"With a small hammer  you
        can achieve great things"
  -  French Foreign Minister -
                                                                             Laurent Fabius     

Who are we?
Footwear licencor.

Area of interest?
North America, Europe and Asia.

Streamline development.

Our footwear history continues to grow at new levels never witness before and this year like no other offers retailers and distributors new product lines for retail markets. 

And to our athletes, we applaud you and your families for an amazing 2015 season.     

Lastly, congratulations to Cambodia, Ethiopia, India and Dominican Republic. There is new excitement and opportunity within the manufacturing arena. This affiliation may stimulate footwear opportunity in the coming years for all of us.  Good luck!  

Lastly, bloggers thank you. 

Stevie D. Lott,
Managing Member 

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Earth sandal's, two tone, blue and black with rubber soles.

More STYLE, more SELECTION, much more for LESS

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Sports Brand Innovation (sbi)

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"We are not really targeting a demographic.
It's an attitude."
Tamara Mellon, Shoe Designer
"It's crucial to reinvent - over and over again -
Never stagnate and always be one step ahead."
Kirstin Deutelmoser, GDS
"The younger consumers buys without considering the economy."
Bob Campbell, BBC International
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"People are getting active in the sport (of running). 
70 percent increase the last decade."
                                                                                                Running USA report
"Were not seeing A BIG DIFFERENCE.
Women need activities."
    Matt O'Toole, Reebok
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